From this:

original Leia gif

To this:

emojisaic Leia gif

See a few more examples (here.)

How To Use


How to convert a gif or image

How It Works

test image

Given the image above, the program will scan it in blocks--based on the size you ultimately want the emojis to be--and find the average color for each area. Then it'll find the emoji with the closest average color and replace the area with the matching emoji:

converted test image

There are options for emoji size, zoom for the completed image, random offset for each emoji's placement, and a way to prefer emojis with fewer transparent pixels.

The whole process can be pretty slow depending on the resolution you're looking for and the number of frames in your gif, so if you're doing a large GIF I'd recommend running it as a still image first, which will convert the first frame and let you see what the final output will look like.

Options, Options, Options

at least one of these are mandatory:

optional options:

utilities (run these without any other options):


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